Episode 8

West Enderby Farm: Carrots in the North Okanagan

This episode, a conversation with  farmer Paddy Doherty of West Enderby Farm.  Paddy and his partner Elaine retired last year, but for close to fifteen years they grew organic carrots and a couple other crops in the North Okanagan. Paddy and Elaine's reputation as solid farmers would have been enough to fill a whole interview, but there was a lot more I wanted to ask him about. He's a bit of a legend in BC's organic farming community, having played a pivotal role in some key moments of evolution of the organic farming sector. And before he and Elaine bought West Enderby Farm late in their careers, Paddy spent a few decades living and working on a couple of cooperative farms around Quesnel. He's also a wizard with old tractors, which have benefitted some of his colleagues as he's thinned out his fleet in retirement.

A longer version of this conversation has been published before, over at The Organic BC Podcast. Go browse that catalog! There's lots there.

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